Too Many Questions…


Only a couple of days to go until this years Marblehead Class Nationals gets under way at Manor Park and the questions keep coming…Once again, the ‘M’ has attracted a strong entry packed full of the top radio sailing skippers in the country, all with an eye on walking away with the top prize, or a prie of some sort..

Who will it be this year fighting for the silverware?

Will Gibson fall into form after time away to continue his streak of wins or has that well run dry?
Can ‘young gun’ Walsh continue on from his strong win at the recent IOM Nationals with his borrowed Ferrari?
Are things far enough on the UP with Stollery Jnr to see him standing tall come Sunday PM?
Have we waited long enough for Edwards Jnr to nail down a solid result after some consistent ranking events? Will Snr bring something to the party?
Is this the year we see a return to the top step from Roberts with a fully sorted machine?
And what of young Harris? Another borrowed boat to drag to victory or a weekend of bimbling?

Questions questions, too many questions….

As is the case though at ‘M’ events its not just about the sharp end. Going on past years we are sure to be greeted with a number of exciting efforts both on and off the race course.

Can Duncan Ellis continue his rise up the fleet after a strong first up showing at the Worlds?
Will things be looking UP Captain Vice?
Just how much pink with adorn Vinnie’s new build and will it get near the famous pink Starkers in the great ‘pink off’ for 2018?
Can Mike Cooke perform a snatch and grab with his new design in luminous green?
Is this the year the Midlands crew of Haywood, Walton and Wilson convert promise into results on local waters?
Will the return of Vernon Appleton in the borrowed ’95’ upset the form guide?
Will Henning get a full English Breakfast?
Can Smithy continue his form with Black Flags?
Who’s tent will leak?
Can a camper van block the wind from deep in the car park?
Who will take on the shear drop to oblivion in the ‘wee’ hours?
Is @Sailterry really coming? (we hope so!)

All we have at this stage are questions, but if you stick with us here and on twitter at @ukmclass over the coming weekend we will do our best to provide the answers and more as we set off under the control of BIG D and our eager Manor Park race team.

This years list of entries can be found here

See you there!