2021 MYA Marblehead Nationals- Latest News

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th August 2021



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2021 MYA Marblehead National Championship

Latest update from the host club, Manor Park Radio Sailing Club (MPRSC), is that they are still accepting entries and if you have missed the closing date don’t worry, get your entries in by emailing Colin Walton HERE.

Colin and the club members have gone to great efforts to make the 1st large Marblehead event in over 12 months a success and the grounds are looking superb and launching facilities recently refurbed to ensure ease of use.

Onsite camping is still available for tents, caravans and vans with a fish and chip supper planned for the Saturday evening. The club will be open all weekend from Friday am to Sunday pm and the members are looking forward to welcoming competitors and visitors to the club.

The table below shows the entry list as of today.

NameSail NumberBoat DesignRadio Frequency
Colin Walton03Grunge2.4GHz
Austin Guerrier68Grunge2.4GHz
David Potter20Starkers 32.4GHz
Chris Harris21TBC2.4GHz
Robert Wilson97Starkers Cubed2.4GHz
John Smith43Grunge2.4GHz
Roy Stevens54Grunge2.4GHz
Stephen Haywood57Starker’s Cubed2.4GHz
Phil Holliday66Grunge2.4GHz
Graham Hetem60Quark2.4GHz
Graham Whalley16Starkers2.4GHz
John Taylor28Astrix2.4GHz
Lester Gilbert87Quark2.4GHz
Vincent Zammit17Nioutram2.4GHz
John Cleave00Grunge2.4GHz
Darin Ballington98Grunge2.4GHz
Tracey Ballington07Starkers squared2.4GHz
Rob Vice41Up2.4GHz
CJ Vice89Grunge2.4GHz
Duncan Ellis37Grunge2.4GHz
David Adam36Grunge2.4GHz
Tony Edwards75Grunge2.4GHz
Peter Stollery39Up2.4GHz
Oliver Stollery117Up2.4GHz
Andrea Roberts55Starkers squared2.4GHz
Martin Roberts23Starkers cubed2.4GHz
Graham Bantock95Quark2.4GHz
Tony Guerrier50Quark2.4Ghz
Bill Culshaw121Grunge2.4Ghz