UK Marblehead Racing- 2021 onwards

I think it is fair to say that activity in the class has been limited since the start of the Covid-19 lockdown, some clubs have held events, Guildford being one, and others have continued with their club sailing, but generally it has been quiet for obvious reasons. However, now is the time for us to get out and about, support the class and get the class back to where it was prior to the cancellation of the 2020 Worlds. The upcoming 2021 MYA Marblehead Nationals is a good place to start, entries are currently standing at just below 30 and although the online entry has closed Manor Park Radio Sailing Club have told us that they are happy to accept further entries. Click HERE for more information on the Nationals.

What’s going to happen after this? Well, the class is still looking for a Class Captain, and given the MYA desire to give the Classes more freedom it is important that we have a spokesman to collect opinion within the class and to voice it to the MYA. Fancy getting involved? Please contact one of the senior skippers in the fleet and we can get a discussion going.

Moving forward, let us know about any events you may have coming up and we will publicise them, big or small if its racing Marblehead’s and you want to tell others we will publicise it. Until we are fully up and running again email your news to Darin on the link HERE

If you are new to the class, or want to know more why not visit MPRSC on the 14th or 15th August and see what its all about.

Watch the video below by Henning Faas of the last time the M Nationals were at Manor Park.