IMCA Notice received.

Important Update for the Foundation Members of the IMCA and ITCA

September 19th 2021

Direct Membership to World Sailing

Dear Members,
The Foundation Executives, after due consideration, have recently decided as part of the best
practice of setting up the two associations to apply for direct membership to World Sailing rather
than through the IRSA. The applications have been submitted to be considered in the WS October
This decision was not taken lightly and has been agreed on unanimously.
So why change from a traditional link to the IRSA?
There are a lot of positives with this move.

  1. The two international class associations will have direct access to WS.
  2. The right for each of the ICAs to hold a class world championship is currently linked to the
    IRSA allocation which is written directly into WS Regulations. This move will enable IRSA to
    use its allocation for other classes.
  3. Each of the ICAs may appoint a member to the WS Classes Committee.
  4. It is felt that for the future development of the classes a more direct link with WS rather
    than via the IRSA would be of benefit.
  5. The ICAs already have Events and Technical matters organised. This move will make it
    possible to argue more strongly for ICA representation on the WS App E Working Party. So
    all three items that the IRSA currently administers for the classes will be catered for making
    the extra layer of IRSA administration unnecessary.
  6. The associations will have full access to all of the fees from the Championships and will not
    be sharing with the IRSA. This is a solid financial base to continue from and easily covers any
    ongoing costs of membership to WS.
    So, in summary, this definitely gives the classes more freedom as they continue to fine tune and
    modernise for the future.
    Except for the fact it is a change from tradition, we feel it is the right pathway to take from here.
    Change such as this, as explained, brings opportunities.
    The identified costs of direct membership include:
  7. Initial application fee of 1000 GBR pounds.
  8. Ongoing fees of several hundred pounds each year.
    Please feel free to respond to this notice if you have any questions on this matter.

Selwyn Holland (on behalf of the IMCA and ITCA Foundation Executives)

Full notice can be downloaded HERE

There is a topic opened within the MYA Forum (Marblehead Section) for further discussion on this notice should Marblehead skippers wish to comment.