This website is dedicated to the promotion of competitive International Marblehead class radio controlled yacht racing in the UK. The class is governed by the MYA (Model Yachting Association) through its affiliation with ISAF- IRSA International Radio Sailing Association.

The modern ‘M’ class yacht is a ‘high-tech’ racer, sporting up to 6 measured rigs with trends of profiled rotating masts, unstayed carbon rigs, pocket luff mainsails, pre-preg carbon hulls and fins offering a wide scope for design freedom. At only 1290mm in overall length, the restricted development class rules allow both the professional or amateur designer/builder/sailmaker an attractive avenue to test their knowledge and skills in one of the most exhilarating radio yacht classes in the world.

In recent years the M class has seen a stunning resurgence across the globe with prominent skippers from the IOM and other classes looking to step up to some high speed racing. Competitive boats can vary from one that is a home build from a varying number of plan sources, right through to  immaculate turn key ‘pre-preg carbon’  variations. Used boats are often also a very good way to enter the class with a number of older designs post mid 90’s such as the Starkers and Paradox holding their own against the latest designs.

Throughout the UK many MYA affiliated clubs can be found racing M’s on any given weekend. Open District and Games races are regularly held, along with 1 and 2 day National Ranking events including a 2-3 day National Championship over the course of the season to determine selected places for International events for the more serious skipper. World Championships are often held every 2 years with the most recent being in September 2016 in Limone, Italy where GBR skippers again performed strongly, taking overall honours. With the recent announcement of the 2018 World Championship being held in Biblis, Germany, the class looks certain to build further upon its success.

Whether it be club racing or aiming for the highest honours, why not contact an ‘M’ club and take a look at what this great class has to offer. Members will be more than happy to talk you through various aspects of their boats and let you have a try.

Why not take up the challenge?