Chris Harris – 2021 MYA Marblehead National Champion

Congratulations to Chris Harris of Windrush RYC (although probably better known through his connection to Bournville RS&PBC) for winning a closely fought 2021 MYA Marblehead National Championship.

Chris and Peter Stollery were the class acts of the 2021 Nationals with only 2 pts separating them after some tough racing with Andrea Roberts finishing in 3rd.

Thanks to all involved with running the event.

A longer round up will follow…

Chris Harris (L) receives the winners trophy from Graham Whalley, Commodore of the MPRSC

Full Results can be viewed HERE

UK Marblehead Racing- 2021 onwards

I think it is fair to say that activity in the class has been limited since the start of the Covid-19 lockdown, some clubs have held events, Guildford being one, and others have continued with their club sailing, but generally it has been quiet for obvious reasons. However, now is the time for us to get out and about, support the class and get the class back to where it was prior to the cancellation of the 2020 Worlds. The upcoming 2021 MYA Marblehead Nationals is a good place to start, entries are currently standing at just below 30 and although the online entry has closed Manor Park Radio Sailing Club have told us that they are happy to accept further entries. Click HERE for more information on the Nationals.

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Please have your say

The post below about sails, battens and possible rule change affects you. The MYA International Officer, Phil Holliday, will need to respond on your behalf in the very near future. If you want your views to be considered and not let rule changes be implemented without your input then please email Phil at or join the conversation on the MYA Forum.

West Kirby Worlds 2021 – Cancelled

2020 IRSA Marblehead and Ten Rater Class World Championships Cancelled. The ongoing Covid situation makes any planning to hold this event in 2021 a non starter. Our thanks to Graham Elliott and the team at Birkenhead and West Kirby for all their efforts in trying to put this event on.

2021 Events

The ongoing Covid-19 situation and the restrictions imposed upon us mean a serious disruption to our planned sailing calendar for 2021. The first major casualty of the year is Ranking 1 at Norwich planned for Saturday 17th April. This event has now been rescheduled for Sat 27th November. We will make announcements on other events as the relevant information becomes available.

The criteria for going ahead with Rankings and National Championship events is that the event will only go ahead if all UK based MYA Members are free from government restrictions to travel, and compete. Decisions on whether to go ahead with an event, or not, will be made a minimum of 6 weeks before the scheduled date. Events may be rescheduled for later in 2021 with the agreement of the Class, the host Club, and the MYA.